How Do You Remediate Water Damage?

Water Damage Restoration in Castle Hayne, NC

Water damage can happen so quickly and can start many other problems along the way. Within minutes the damage can spread across your property with water leaks, and everything can get soaked. The minute water gets in, it can ruin and stain carpets, ruin construction materials, warp your family photos, destroy any paper items, and cause dangerous mold growth. This makes the process to remediate the water damage even more essential to get started. There are many steps to properly remediate water damage, and so which steps to take are the biggest question. 

Contact An Insurance Company To Get Everything Covered

Calling the insurance company is a necessity to see what needs to be done and restored. The insurance company should send someone to look at the damage and see what has been done and what is covered. What damages are covered are completely dependent on the home insurance policies one has in place. Some policies, however, don’t cover flood damage whatsoever. 

Throughout this first step, it is important to document the values of the items in one’s household throughout the entire process of the remediation. After this first step, it is essential to protect the family and the items inside the home. An individual’s safety, in this case, is so important because water can be getting into places people haven’t even thought about. 

Turning off the power prevents electrocution but can be dangerous if the flood is bad enough. So letting a water damage restoration company handle the situation is the best way to go. If the flood isn’t too much to handle, the homeowner can lift furniture and other valuables off the floor and place foil underneath to prevent staining. 

Water Damage Restoration by APR Restoration

An Immediate Water Damage Services Is A Must!

Contact a water damage restoration company immediately. If possible, the damage should start to be repaired about 24-48 hours after you have been cleared to enter the house again. In many situations, however, the damage is too much for just one person or family. 

Trying to dry out the home as soon as possible and taking out some of the humidity can help save numerous items. If electricity is available, homeowners can turn on the HVAC unit to help dry the home faster. And any type of dehumidifier would help in damper rooms as well. However, while this process takes time, time is so scarce throughout this process, but research shows that completely drying a home out within 3-4 days can decrease the potential for mold growth which could greatly increase the amount of property damage. It is important to try to avoid getting mold or any type of mildew. 

During the water damage restoration process, APR Restoration will also check for mold, and if it is present, our expert mold remediation teams will ensure that the mold is properly handled and make sure that every contaminated area whether your contents or home is thoroughly checked and replaced/repaired if needed. 

Getting help from a professional water damage restoration company is the best option to get the best results. APR Restoration is your dependable water damage restoration company that has over 50 years of experience and is specialized in immediately cleaning, drying, sanitizing, repairing, and replacing the items in customers’ homes that have been affected by water damage. 

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