How To Prevent Mold And Avoid The Need For Mold Removal

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Finding mold in your residential or commercial property is an absolute nightmare. Not Only can it affect your health, but it can also damage your home or business over time. Luckily there are some ways we can make our property uninviting for mold to settle down in. Here are some tips you can implement right away in order to protect your home.

Monitor Humidity

The ideal humidity level indoors is between thirty percent and fifty percent. If your humidity level is higher than this you put your property at risk of mold and a plethora of other possible damages. High humidity can even affect your health and wellbeing. If you find that your home is in a humid area you may have high humidity indoors. We suggest purchasing a dehumidifier and using it to prevent this. Though it may not seem like an ideal response to purchase a new appliance, it is far better than having to go through the mold removal process or potentially living with mold unknowingly.

Mold Removal services

Increase Circulation

Stagnant air is unpleasant indoors. Improving circulation can make your home feel more fresh and comfortable while also preventing the growth of mold! When the weather is nice you can keep the windows open to bring in some fresh air and improve circulation. 

It is also important to make sure to use your kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans whenever showering, boiling water, or cooking. When we do these activities, vapor and steam are produced, which can raise the humidity level in your home and make it a welcoming place for mold to grow and spread.

Other ways you can improve circulation in your home is to make use of your ceiling fans and run the fan in your HVAC system periodically.

Clean Standing Water And Spills Right Away

This is a generally  good practice, as standing water can cause accidents and water damage. If you find standing water in your home it can provide enough moisture for mold to present itself, so it should be cleaned up right away.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean is a great way to improve your mood and make your environment feel better all around. It is also a beneficial way to prevent mold. Having a build up of dust particles can give mold a place to hide and grow. If you clean your home on a regular basis it can also make it easier to discover mold if it is hiding.

Mold can’t always be prevented, but there are ways that we can make our spaces uninviting and detrimental to mold growth. Maintaining a healthy humidity level, implementing tools to improve circulation, and keeping your home clean and free of standing water are all helpful steps to be proactive in preventing mold growth. If you do find yourself dealing with mold, don’t panic! The team at APR Restoration is highly trained and can assist you with getting rid of your mold problem for good. Call us right away to get started on your mold removal process. 

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