Restoration Fiction Debunked

Water Damage Restoration in Castle Hayne, North Carolina

Dealing with damage to your residential or commercial property is such a nightmare. Oftentimes you are trying to save money anyway you can, and you often think that doing the job on your own is cheaper. There is plenty of information out in the world that could cause us to draw this conclusion, but not all the information you read on the internet or hear through word of mouth is good information. It is always best to discuss with a professional you can trust to provide you with accurate information and make an assessment from there. Here are some of the myths that we have seen circulating that we thought would be worth addressing, and may help you when making your decisions.

It Is Always Cheaper To Replace Something Than To Repair It

There is no way to truly make this assumption without examining the damage to your items. It is true that sometimes things simply cannot be salvaged after a fire or extreme water damage, for example, but that is not always the case. When you bring on a professional restoration company they are certified and trained to know of ways to repair items that the average person may not know. The length of time and exposure play a huge part in what is able to be restored and what is not as well. At APR Restoration it is always our goal to restore what we can and mitigate your losses.

Once My Carpets And Surfaces Feel Dry, They Are Dry

Water mitigation and restoration is a hefty job. Many people think that just because surfaces, walls, floors, furniture, and carpeting appear to be dry that they are. In this case we can say its a little more complicated than that. In order to prevent the damage from resurfacing in the future, it is important to remove every bit of moisture. In the industry we use special tools and equipment to take precise measurements and ensure everything is good to go. It is important to us that you do not end up dealing with a mold issue down the line because everything wasn’t completely dry after water exposure, so we take the time to make sure the job was done properly and completely.

It Is Cheaper To Do The Job Yourself

Doing a job on your own may seem like it can save a lot of money, but often times thats not the case. With many restoration jobs like mold removal, soot removal, and water restoration, there are specific tools required and standards that need to be met in order to ensure that these things won’t cause trouble down the line. If you intend to buy the tools and equipment needed to take it on yourself, that is a large expense to own equipment you may only need to use in this one instance. It also comes down to how you value your time. It will take you much more time to handle a job than it would for a team of trained professionals. As the saying goes- more hands make light work.

Restoration Will Not Remove Lingering Odors

The smell of smoke from a fire or the musty smell from mold or water damage may seem impossible to remove. The fact is that if the job is done completely then there is no evidence of the soot, smoke, or water left behind to leave a smell. Between proper restoration, cleaning, and sanitizing your property you would never know that there was damage there in the first place.

water restoration

If you find yourself in need of home or business restoration, reach out to us at APR Restoration. We can answer all of your questions and put your worries to rest before we begin the work at hand. We offer 24/7 emergency service so call us at the first sign of property damage.


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