Uncommon Places To Find Mold In Your Home

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If you’ve ever suspected you have mold, you may have checked in the more obvious areas of your home. Showers and bathtubs, appliances, kitchens, and sinks, for example. The fact of the matter is that mold can grow anywhere that provides it with a prime growing environment. Moisture is a huge factor but so is light- mold prefers to grow in dark places. It also prefers areas with little circulation. Here we will discuss some places you may have mold that you might not have thought of.


Most of us are guilty of thinking that if the carpet doesn’t feel wet, then it can’t possibly be hiding moisture. It is also common to think that vacuuming your carpets and keeping them clean is enough to keep anything nasty from lurking below the surface. The fact is that our basic cleaning practices aren’t always enough. There are a lot of common factors to consider such as humidity, circulation, and foot traffic. It is good practice to also get your carpet professionally cleaned annually to remove any debris that can encourage the growth of mold. 

If you have an area rug in your home it is best practice to clean underneath it. We generally use rugs to keep our feet from making contact with the cold floors. While they are great for protecting our feet in that sense, this also creates condensation below the rug which can also make a great environment for mold. If you think this is happening, an easy way to mitigate that is to pick up the rug to let it dry out occasionally, or give it a good wash if it’s washable.

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner has an air intake that sucks everything up to circulate around your home. This is why an air filter is needed- to keep dust, contaminants, and other debris out of our air ducts. Sometimes mold spores can make it through and get into your unit. 

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There are also instances where your unit can be creating moisture. If this happens then that moisture can cause the unit to be susceptible to a mold invasion. 

Attic or Garage

In some homes, attics and garages are used for storage. This can cause debris and dust to build up since items aren’t frequently moved or cleaned. These particles can potentially contribute to a mold problem. It is also possible for leaks to occur in these areas, sometimes without your knowledge at first. It is important to keep your attics and garages maintained and occasionally check for leaks.


In many cases, chimneys are made from bricks that are exposed to rain, snow, and particles that are released from the fireplace. Chimney caps often collect snow and water that can contribute to the moist environment as well. This makes them a perfect place for mold to grow undisturbed. It is important to check your chimneys occasionally to ensure that mold is not present.

There are so many possible ways for mold to infiltrate our homes, businesses, and lives. Many homeowners implement care practices that should go a long way in protecting their homes, but sometimes things can happen without us noticing. If you find yourself dealing with mold and need help with removal and restoration, pick up the phone and call APR Restoration right away.


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