Why You Should Trust a Professional with Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Wilmington, NC

When it comes to fire and smoke damage restoration, it is important to get started with the restoration process right away, and to work with a professional restoration company that you can trust, like APR Restoration. Fire damage restoration is a complicated process, and can present the home or business owner with many risks down the road if not handled properly. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if working with a restoration company is the right choice for you.

Knowledge And Experience

If you decide to take on the daunting task of fire damage restoration on your own, it will require a lot of time learning how to do what needs to be done, and even more time completing the tasks- especially if they need to be done more than once due to errors. By hiring a team of professional fire and smoke damage restoration specialists, you can guarantee the job will get done properly and with great speed. Restoration professionals also know what to look for when it comes to damage, ensuring that no stone will be left unturned and your home or business will be fully restored once the job is completed.

Proper Tools and Equipment

Not only would doing the job alone be a great investment of time, but money as well. Chances are that you do not have immediate access to the tools, equipment, and cleaning products needed in order to complete the task of fire damage restoration. Rather than buying the tools that you will (hopefully!) only need to use once, work with restoration professionals who will have all the needed gear right at their fingertips.

Conventional Cleaning Methods May Cause Problems 

Soot and smoke particles are super tiny and can be very difficult to remove. Sometimes scrubbing them can actually cause them to bury themselves deeper into your belongings. This can cause the need to dispose of belongings that may have been salvageable. You may also look at an item and think it can’t be saved and discard it, when a professional restoration expert may have been able to restore the item. When smoke and soot are not completely removed from items in your home or business, it can cause a lingering odor and can even expose those in your home to chemicals and other pollutants long after the fire has been extinguished.

Health Risks and Other Safety Concerns

As we previously mentioned, chemicals and pollutants remain in the property after the fire has been extinguished. It is important to always utilize protective gear in these types of situations. It is also possible that there is contaminated water on site, which can expose you to many health risks. If the contaminants are not properly removed and sanitized, the bacteria, pathogens, chemicals, pollutants, and germs can remain in your home and cause health problems down the road. 

Besides the health risks that are present, there are also other safety concerns. Damaged electrical appliances and items can lead to electric shock. The structure of your property may have been affected by the fire or water used to put it out, and can lead to collapse.

Be Sure The Job Is Done To Completion

If water damage or fire damage is not handled properly, traces of the damage can be left behind and can cause extensive damage to your home over time. Mold can be encouraged to grow, building materials can be weakened, and foul, lingering odors can present themselves.

Dealing with fire and smoke damage restoration is a stressful task you should not handle on your own. Let our team at APR Restoration help to get your home and life back to normal. If you have experienced a fire and are in need of fire and smoke damage restoration, contact us right away.

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