The Do’s and Don’ts After Experiencing Fire Damage


If you have lived through a household or even business fire you know how traumatic this experience can be. When it comes time to re-enter your property to assess the fire damage and begin your restoration process with a team of experienced professionals like the team at APR Restoration, it is important to know that the area still presents certain dangers- even though the fire has died down. Your safety should always come first so we hope you can take these considerations to heart.


After a fire much of the home or business will have experienced damage that may affect the structural integrity. Not only is it important to limit movement in order to prevent serious injury like falling through the floor or having structures fall on you, but this will also prevent soot from spreading and embedding itself deeper within your carpeting, upholstery, and other textiles.


When entering a home or property that has experienced fire damage, they generally have standing water and water damage as well. Be careful not to slip and fall. Items that are soaked in water are often heavier to pick up so be aware of that as well.


Electrical wiring and appliances can present the risk of electrical shock to those who have entered the property. If it is safe and possible to do so, make sure that the power is turned off. If the power is off, you can open the fridge and allow it to air out- be mindful not to eat any foods, including canned foods, that were left in the home. Avoid turning on ceiling fans and light fixtures, as there is a chance that the wiring was damaged. It is also important to avoid cleaning any electrical appliances for the same reason. 


When  handling your belongings, make sure you are doing so with clean hands to avoid exposing your items to more soot and fire damage. Fire, smoke, and soot damage are very different from other sorts of damage and cause their own complications. It is very important to avoid cleaning your carpets, walls, and other surfaces, and to avoid taking any clothes to a cry cleaner. This may sound counter productive, but if these cleaning tasks are done improperly it can cause the damage and smoke odor to sink deeper into your belongings, and may even render them impossible to repair or restore. In another attempt to prevent soot and fire damage from sinking into your floor surfaces when pressed by our feet, you can lay down towels or protective coverings.

We understand that the mess presented to you after a fire can be overwhelming and even paralyzing. If you are presented with fire damage, you don’t need to handle it alone. It is always advised to contact your insurance provider and work with a professional restoration team to return your home or business back to normal. If you are dealing with fire damage, contact APR Restoration right away to get started on your fire damage restoration services.


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