Emergency Response CAT Team

APR Launches Emergency Response CAT Team

APR Restoration & Commercial Development has announced the creation of a dedicated catastrophe response “CAT Team” to provide specifically trained emergency restoration personnel for residents and businesses affected by large scale disasters.

In natural disasters and emergency circumstances, including major multi-unit fires, widespread hurricanes, isolated tornadoes, and massive commercial water loss, the APR CAT Team will be mobilized and deployed into affected areas, to provide prompt relief and services.

APR has assembled a team of dedicated employees who have been specially trained to handle major events that extend beyond normalized APR operations. Infrastructure is in place and the CAT Team will be activated when needs dictate, ready to deploy the appropriate scale and specialized services for each circumstance.

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The CAT Team’s predetermined operational plan makes it possible to have disaster restoration equipment & materials, and teams ready to deploy 24/7 in the event of any large scale weather or property emergency within the APR geographic footprint, as well as in neighboring regions of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Staffed with CAT Team Leaders, Logistics Coordinators, Deployment Team Leaders, Command Center personnel, On-Site Technicians and Sales Liaisons, the CAT Team organization is exceptionally well qualified to meet the immediate needs of customers in affected areas. Residents and businesses can have confidence that the APR CAT Team will provide the immediate, extensive response they need in the event of any large-scale disaster.

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