APR Restoration has dedicated roofing repair teams ready to spring into action the moment they receive a call from distressed homeowners, especially after a storm hits. While other companies, particularly roofing companies are overwhelmed when a major catastrophe occurs, APR Restoration’s experts teams, access to resources, and years of experience allows us to handle your disaster in a prompt and professional way.

After a storm hits, the need for roof repair and roofing services is typically in high demand. And until roof repair services can be obtained, the creation of temporary roof tarping services is usually necessary. So, contact us now book your appointment.

If you need emergency roofing services, call APR immediately at our 24/7 hotline at 877-942-7762 for prompt service.

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Emergency roof tarping is essential, as it may be several days or more before
actual roofing repair services can take place, and emergency roof tarping may
mean the difference between a minimal amount of damage and damage that is
extremely costly to repair. APR Restoration and Recovery Service excel at these
tasks and their dedicated emergency disaster team of specially trained individuals is ready to spring into action immediately when disaster strikes.

APR can spring into action much faster than local roofers who are used to working
on a schedule a month or two in advance, rather than immediately, or if the
weather does not permit, at the very least emergency tarping to minimize further
damage. A new roof may cost a homeowner quite a lot but if heavy rains come, as
often accompanies hurricanes, that number may skyrocket if water damage is not
immediately ameliorated, and APR can take care of it.

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If a roof leaks, preparing the roof may not be the mere extent of the problem.
Water can soak into the attic insulation, affect the wiring (possibly making a
homeowner vulnerable to fire, soak through to bedrooms, causing destruction and
possibly forced evacuation from the bedrooms, as well as invite nasty molds to
infest the house.

And local roofing companies, while doing a great job in general, are simply not
prepared to swing into action when they get 10, 20, even 30 calls a day asking for
help with their roof. Also APR, in its many years of existence, has developed many
industry connections, so that if they need additional help to service their customers,
the help is available. They are never overwhelmed or stressed like traditional
roofing companies are during a storm.

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