The Process of Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in Wilmington, NC

Our goal at APR Restoration is to be there for our customers in times we hope they never have to face. In the event that you ever have to deal with fire damage to your home or business, it is important to remember that you don’t have to go through this daunting process alone should you ever find yourself in this situation. It is our team’s responsibility to guide you through the fire damage restoration process to return your home or business to what it was like before it was damaged.


Developing A Plan

Whenever a fire breaks out in your property, the first step is to plan ahead. APR Restoration has a 24/7 emergency team ready to respond. Please contact us as soon as you are safe and the fire has been extinguished so we can get started on restoring your property as soon as possible. In order to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible, we need to assess the damage your property has suffered and make a plan to repair it. In the event you need to submit our findings to your insurance company during this process, we will document our findings.



APR Restoration places your safety, as well as the safety of our employees, first and foremost in our minds. After we have created our plan, we will make sure that any dangerous areas are fenced off, structural areas that are at risk of collapsing are noted and dealt with appropriately, and take any other steps we need to take to make the space as safe as possible will be taken.


Water Cleanup

It is probable that your home or business was damaged by water from either the water sprinklers or the water hoses if there was a fire during the extinguishing process. It is essential that we remove all water from the building before we begin restoring it and salvaging your belongings in order to prevent irreversible damage and mold growth. It is also possible for APR Restoration to provide mold removal services should you notice the appearance of mold in your home or business.


Cleanup the Property

As soon as we have ensured that the area is safe and dry, we can begin the cleanup. Some parts of the property can be salvaged, while others may need to be removed and reinstalled in order to be salvageable. The walls, structural pieces, and furniture will be assessed in order to determine whether they can be salvaged, or if they cannot be salvaged, they will be removed for your safety.


Smoke Damage

The damage caused by smoke and soot on your property can be overwhelming, and APR Restoration professionals are well-equipped to handle any damage that may occur. The most common type of damage to a home or business is damage to a wall that requires restoration and re-painting.  You may also notice an odor coming from the affected areas as well, which we will evaluate and take care of. It is important to note that the removal of soot and smoke particles can affect your health. It is also worth noting that conventional cleaning methods can actually cause soot and smoke damage to worsen, so taking advantage of a professional team with the proper knowledge to restore your property will save you a lot of time and effort as well as mitigate your losses.



The next step is to begin potentially needed structural repairs. Our expert 24/7 team will assess your property to determine whether the carpet should be replaced, electrical wiring needs to be repaired, roofing may need to be repaired, and anything else your property may need.


Time to Contact APR Restoration

Call us if you are dealing with damage to your home or business due to a fire so you don’t have to deal with the process by yourself. We have professional experience serving many areas throughout North Carolina around Raleigh, Wilmington, and New Bern. Contact us as soon as possible so we can begin the fire damage restoration process on your property right away.

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