Why The Summer Months Can Invite Mold and the Need for Mold Removal

Mold Remediation in Wrightsville Beach, NC

If you love summer and all of the fun summer activities that come along with it, you are not alone! Summer is a great time to spend with your family, plan trips, and enjoy fun in the sun. Though it seems like the perfect time of year, there are risks to your home or business due to the intense heat and seasonal changes. Did you know that the risk of mold can increase during the summer months? Not to spoil anyone’s fun, but it is important to be aware of in order to help prevent the threat of mold in order to prevent the need for mold removal and mold remediation. Here are some of the reasons from APR Restoration that mold may be more present in the summer months.


Perfect Temperatures

Mold thrives in temperatures between the high seventy and mid-eighty degrees. It is important to keep your home or business cool during the summer, and not just for comfortability! By maintaining a temperature level that is lower than the ideal temperature for mold growth, you are making your indoor environment less pleasant for mold, and potentially preventing mold growth.


More Rain and Condensation

Summer is one of the wettest seasons of the year, providing a ton of moisture. Moisture is another important factor when it comes to mold growth. The excess rain can cause moisture to find its way into your homes through your roof, windows, and entering and exiting your home. When water makes its way into your home it creates a plethora of issues if it is not attended to right away, mold growth being one of them. The build up of condensation on windows, walls, and other fixtures of your home can also increase the threat of mold. Condensation is high during these months due to the temperature difference between your indoor space and outside. It is best to always mitigate excess moisture by fixing any leaks, cleaning any spills or water, and maintaining good circulation in your home or business to help combat excess condensation.


High Humidity

Having more rain causes the humidity levels to increase during the summer. Though it doesn’t seem like high humidity can be a threat to your residential or commercial property, it can actually damage your home structurally, present negative health symptoms, and encourage mold growth. It is recommended to maintain an indoor humidity level between thirty percent and fifty percent. A good way to do so is to maintain good circulation in your home, using open windows and doors on dry days, fans, and your AC unit. It also helps to run your exhaust fans in the kitchen while cooking and in the bathroom while showering or running hot water.


AC Units

We’ve mentioned a few ways that your AC unit or cooling system can be a big help in preventing mold during the summer months. It is important for your comfort and the health of your property to make sure your unit is in good working condition during these months. When an AC unit malfunctions, it can also present resources for mold growth such as leaks, stagnant air, and condensation.

If you find yourself dealing with a mold problem or suspect there is mold in your residential or commercial property, contact APR Restoration. We offer 24/7 emergency services and will be there to get started on your mold removal process right away.

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